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Tokyo Bound exposes the fantasy lives of Japan’s hottest mistresses. From famous courtesans and geishas to modern bondage mistresses, Japan has always had its legendary fantasy women hidden away in the secret parts of its cities. In the last 10 years mistress bars have sprung up throughout Tokyo and the bondage mistresses are the princesses of the trade. Tokyo Bound gets unique access into the mistress bars, the dungeons, the homes and the private lives of these modern Japanese dominatrix.

Sexy, rebellious, sophisticated and talented, these women are calling their own shots not only with their ‘slaves’ but also in their sexuality. They are not willing to accept the confines of traditional Japanese women, nor as or one-dimensional fantasy figures. Following the story of MaxX, an Australian mistress working in Japan, a previously hidden picture of urban Tokyo and an intimate portrait of this new generation of working women is revealed.

Menchi has been working as a mistress since she was 20. At 26 she is one of the queens of Tokyo’s sexual underground. Tall, with a manga style mane of hair and well-drawn tattoos, she is charismatic, opinionated, gorgeous and smart. Menshi is an in-your-face mistress, minor rock star and club personality. She is proud to be a mistress and explains her feelings about SM in an intimate session with her slave in Tokyo Bound.

Leona is a cat-like princess who has done away with clubs and middlemen to strike out on her own. A strict mistress she finds her own clients and travels the world “to spread mistressing”. Submitting to one master she reflects the complexity of the SM relationship. Inside her dungeon we see her tip someone over the fine edge of pain into pleasure.

Taking us further into Tokyo’s sexual underground are Akechi and Yukiko. Akechi is Tokyo’s top rope master who teaches other young women this ancient art. Yukiko is a fetish designer who is excited and informed about the changing Japanese sexuality. At Department H, a regular Tokyo event, we see Japan’s vibrant pop culture and this new generation of the sexual underground collide.


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