Jumping Dog Productions
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Jumping Dog Productions is a producer of award-winning and critically acclaimed documentaries for Australian and international audiences. Founded by filmmaker Susan Lambert in 2000, Jumping Dog has produced a range of films and series including some of the most highly rated programs in Australian television history. Jumping Dog documentary topics include social issues, culture, science, history and the law.

Since its inception, Jumping Dog Productions has developed strong working relationships with broadcasters, production companies and distributors in Australia, Europe, the US and Asia, and we continue to build affiliations with a range of international partners.

Recent Jumping Dog documentaries include: Recipe For Murder (ABC1), Tokyo Bound: Bondage Mistresses of Japan (C 4 UK, SBS Australia), Deadly Enemies (C5 UK, ABC TV Australia), The Good The Bad and The Ugg Boot (ABC TV, TVF International UK), The Cars That Are China (NDR Germ, CICC China, Electric Sky UK, ABC TV) and the series Love and Money (ABC TV). And most recently the award winning international festival favourite feature documentary Tyke Elephant Outlaw available on Netflix Worldwide.

Company Director Susan Lambert has a long history of producing and directing documentaries for the Australian and international market. Recently, Stefan Moore, an experienced international documentary producer, joined the company to help develop an exciting slate of new films and series.


Stray Dog Pictures Pty Ltd has become the production arm of the company.